• Leigha

Family Photojournalism

Family Photojournalism is really special to me. I feel as though it captures so much truth. It speaks with emotion. When you have your family documented in this way, you have all of the little details that make your life what it is. It captures the essence of a family and the spirit of a person far better than a staged portrait. It feels like it gives me the ability to literally freeze a moment in time. I love a walk down memory lane as much as the next person. Especially when it comes to my children. Phases come in so quickly and as soon as you've realized that subtly so much has changed, it changes again. Over and over as we flip through the calendar. School years zoom by, seasons, birthdays and holidays.

My goal here is to spend a day in your life. Capturing what is that you do, Not necessarily staged. I might suggest a few activities such as the park, or cooking and eating a meal, but these are things you do anyway. I want to watch your story unfold and document it in a magical way that makes it look and feel as exquisite and charming as it actually as.

As I step away from the staged sessions and smiling beauties, Ive been spending a lot of time with my camera. Its almost just meshed into my person now. An extension of myself if you will. In doing so, I have been able to capture my own family and see them in such a profound way that leaves me with a heart bursting with gratitude. I love how I can look at theses types of images and FEEL, not just SEE. Its an amazing artform.

I'll share some of our Christmas holiday with you.