• Leigha

Unschooling Homeschooling

So when I'm not taking pictures, I am busy being a mother to 3 daughters. Busy is just kind of a generalized word. Its pretty crazy actually. And who am I kidding? Even when I am "busy" being their mother I am still taking pictures. Breathing new life into my business comes at a very interesting and awkward season of my life. I finally have time to channel some of my creative energy. I feel ready to share this again. I feel so refreshed in this new place, I've been so excited to get this going again in a new direction. We have been here in the Raleigh area for a few short months and are still adjusting. We're getting ready to break free from our rental home and close on our house in a few short weeks. With this little move, comes another school change as it will take us across town. This adds its own element to life that we have to work through. I have thought about the prospect of homeschooling at several points throughout their lives, and lately with this school bouncing its become an even hotter topic at our kitchen table.

Homeschool. Im taking in so much information, because I know if I try to mimic a public school classroom in our home I am setting us up for disaster. That is precisely the model of education we are struggling with. Montessori. Waldorf. Unschooling. A mesh of all of the above? I think about my own pursuits as a photographer. How long the interest and passion has been there.... how I went about learning it. It wasn't anything anyone had to or could teach me. It just happened on a very natural process of exploration and self discovery. As a child I was constantly collecting photo props and staging little cute scenes. My sweet brothers participated in one of my photoshoots as Christmas Elves when I was in 7th grade. And my darling cousin, I was using a Canon "Sure Shot Owl" to capture portraits of her the summer after her birth and I was in just 5th grade. These things have been within me all along... like so much is already in my children. And what if they had the time to explore that...starting now?

So I find myself, mothering the best I can, making note of the times we're "educating" at home. (and the children don't know its educating because it is organic learning through life!) It wouldn't be easy... but it would be definitely worth it. And what works for one daughter wouldn't work for all. And then the toddler in the mix of it. *sigh* It makes me tired only thinking about it.

Just this weekend we made dream catchers from all natural materials.

Not only was it our art class, it was a lesson on American History. It was a bit of Nature School as we harvested the branch, and talked about why we weren't to use any plastic pieces. We discussed heritage and culture, a bit of our own personal ancestry. We discussed entrepreneurship and E-commerce as we're going to begin selling these handcrafted handwoven dream catchers on Etsy. So much. In just one activity.

And reading Amelia Bedila? What does it mean to "Dress the turkey?" Why would you call it "dusting the living room" when you're specifically trying to undust the living room? A lesson in American literature. A lesson in english. A lesson in "figures of speech" and phrases. All. Without. Trying.