• Leigha

Umbrellas & Rainy Things

I read somewhere, "The reason I love the rain is because I'm a mermaid too far from the sea." Well, I love Mermaids too. So perhaps that makes sense. And we did just move from Michigan to North Carolina in part to be closer to the sea. The rain has always had a very serene feel. It brings about a sense of inner calm, mental clarity. It sort of washes things and makes them new again. It evokes so many thoughts and feelings from which I've always been able to draw inspiration. Almost on a spiritual level, the same way I feel about the ocean really. Or any natural body of water.

My daughter is a writer, she loves to document her days by writing. She journals and doodles for herself, when she's upset she posts notes on doors and in places where they will be found by the intended recipient. When she feels lovey she will leave sweet little love notes expressing her feelings of adoration and appreciation. When she's sorry and isn't ready to speak it, she will slide the apology under the door. Its really special, and one of my most favorite things about her. Sometimes I could do without the passive aggressive communication, but mostly I understand that it is her most honest form of communication, and I appreciate it as a window into her mind. A window in which I can see things from her perspective. And I strive to take the time to really reflect on that, and gain an understanding. It isn't always easy, but I will never stop trying. A few weeks ago, I found a page she wrote about the rain. I had to take a picture of it so I could keep it for myself. It was so profound, and I read it and thought, "me too kid, me too" And I saw myself in her, and her in me. We are now different beings, but there was a time when we were one, and it brought me back to that.

I made this little composite image to capture those thoughts and feelings and use this a deeper expression of her authentic self.

Soon we will have our new house, I cannot wait to adorn the walls.