• Leigha

March, we've been waiting for you.

Single digit days now until we close on our house. Since we arrived to North Carolina in June, we've looked forward to the end of our lease. I keep telling the kids, comforting and consoling them, "soon we'll have our own house." They want to paint, hang their things, unpack comforts we didn't have room for here in our rental. They want to know the school they attend is their school. The neighborhood, the friends. Just a sense of belonging. A space where we can all take a deep exhale and really just be. A house that actually FEELS like all of the things home is. A house alone is not a home. Though I've tried my best to make this for them... it hasn't been that way for me, and its no surprise that despite my great efforts to make it so, they absolutely pick up on that and reflect my own feelings. We've been staying so small, contained, like little seeds. It is now time to BLOOM. To make this new version of our life FEEL like OURS.

We talk and talk, what color to paint the walls, what to hang on the walls, how many bathrooms it might have, what kind of yard it might have, what if we find one with a pool? On and on, just endless dreaming. And in January we found the one. With a yard that had me at hello! A nest of our own, space for all of us. I keep looking through my photos on the computer trying to decide what should be ordered, what I might want to hang there. Do I want canvas to keep forever, or do I want something that is more interchangeable? No idea. I guess I have to get there to figure it out, and I probably have other things to be worrying about right now... like maybe I should pack?

I cant believe how mild this winter was. The locals complained of its harshness, but I loved the ice and snow. I will always appreciate a little of that. I prefer each of the 4 seasons to be exquisitely defined. I also love that it only stayed for 2 weeks and was surrounded by warm bursts of outside time and sunshine. Now its been rainy for a week, warm and rainy... it feels equivalent to a Michigan April. I will gladly take it! And rainboots are a must! We have one more pair for one more girl to get. She is older and really cool, so she doesn't think she actually needs any rain boots, however, I believe the contrary to be true. Stay tuned for pictures of that. They are coming. She just doesnt know it yet.