• Leigha

Mid Week Soul Adventure

Hello. It's me. It has been a while. Moving and having a long string of visitors, 3 daughters and an endless to do list that comes with moving. The packing, unpacking, deciding what goes where, what we need for this room and that room, I've had a lot of things demanding my attention and I haven't been able to be here. Finally though, Im feeling some normalcy. We're in a sort of rhythm. The sounds and smells of the house aren't seeming so foreign anymore. Everyone is adjusted and we all know which dishes belong in which cupboard. We've zoomed paintbrushes and rollers up and down our walls definitely declaring them ours now. Bahama Waters, Mermaid Green, Candy Stripe, Seashell, Sea Wave, Newport Grey, Bermuda Pink. Aaah, yes, Those colors will do.

The children had off of school unexpectedly this past Wednesday. I was really feeling the urge to get out

of town. Or more so, get to the shore. That is generally a feeling I can never shake. Anyway, Dad was able to get a day off work and that was it. We hopped in the jeep and we headed east. It was a drive. A long drive for just a day trip... but what we experienced while we were there was definitely worth it. We visited OBX in the fall, and we broke away from our group and just did one little jet up the beach, peeped one of the wild horses off in the distance and hurried back on to the blacktop. Ever since then I've just been waiting for the opportunity to make it happen again.

I cannot wait for summer. Where the days can be long and unhurried. Hit the road when we like and just sort of float about freely. (sleep in and wear pajamas a lot too!) Really plug in to the girls. Going a pace that is not constricted by a schedule we have to keep. Just a few short weeks and it will be ours.

I've ordered a mini album of that little day trip. Im trying out different albums so I can choose which ones I want to offer when I'm crafting stories for families. It should be here in a few days and I can't wait to check it out and see what I think!

Here are some snaps from our excursion!