• Leigha

Little Lights of Summer

Happy Midsummer! The days are so long, the summer sun is glorious, but the dusk and twilight hour is equally incredible. Catching Fireflies has always been a timeless summer joy. A rite of passage. A childhood wonder. Real life magic contained for a while into a glass jar. It is everything all in motion, but the wonder of it standing still. It makes a fleeting feeling into something that is tangible and can be held onto even for a short while. We dashed out of the pool immediately after the sunset and raced home to change so that we would be just in time for backyard firefly catching. As always, it was something special.

*side note* We ALWAYS catch and release. We enjoyed their little light, took some fun photos and danced across the mossy forest floor that is is our backyard, but all little firefly friends were gently set free back into the night in which they belong.*